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10 Best Outdoor Furniture That You Can Get In Malaysia

Whether it is for your lawn or even balcony, having the proper outdoor furniture will definitely add character to your house. However, outdoor furniture must be durable as well. So we came up with the list of 10 best outdoor furniture that you can get in Malaysia to help you start decorating your garden.

10 Best Outdoor Furniture That You Can Get In Malaysia

1. Casual Garden Table Set

If you have a garden to fill, then consider getting this table set for it! Just imagine sitting in your well-tended garden while sipping tea and enjoying a good evening break with your loved ones. This table set is perfect just for that purpose. Its laid-back design is great for a leisure environment and it comes in four colours; black, white gold, and brown.

Price: RM142.90

Star: 4.8

Sold: 1.2 k

Link: https://shp.ee/898ycqb

2. Long Metal Outdoor Bench

Metal furniture is great for the outdoor environment. It is highly durable and will last for a long time. Furthermore, you have to admit that it looks beautiful too. For those that have a bigger family, you might want to consider getting these benches for your garden. It comes in 3 sizes; 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater, so you can find one that fits your garden.

Price: RM179.00

Star: 4.9

Sold: 2.2 k

Link: https://shp.ee/4qcsdgb

3. Stone Table Set

Now if you want something that will last for decades, you might want to consider getting one of these stone table sets for your garden. It will definitely give a pop of colour to your garden and it can go so well with a zen-themed garden. Put together two sets and a grill on the side and you will get a great BBQ spot in your garden. Not to mention that it is very affordable too!

Price: RM189.00

Star: 4.9

Sold: 1.4 k

Link: https://shp.ee/gsrvncb

4. Round Hanging Bohemian Swing

You know you want it! If you have an extended patio or porch outside of your house, you can hang these beautiful babies there. Considering that the Bohemian style fits perfectly with natural earth tones and plants, it will look great outside! Not to mention that even adults would love hanging out on it.

Price: RM110.00 – RM135.00

Star: 5

Sold: 1.3 k

Link: https://shp.ee/qp72hyb

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5. Cast Aluminum Furniture Set

Looking to give your garden a little bit of a European vibe? Then this is perfect for you. This cast aluminum furniture set comes with intricate and fancy designs that will add character to your space. You can place them in the garden or even on your balcony and it will still give your house a tasteful character. In fact, you can even use it for formal events or for photoshoots.

Price: RM110.00 – RM135.00

Star: 5

Sold: 1.3 k

Link: https://shp.ee/8r88fcb

6. 3 in 1 Foldable Picnic Table Set

Here’s something that you can use at your house and during your travels. This foldable picnic set comes with 4 seats making it the perfect gadget to bring on family outings. The best part is that it is lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere, no problem. It comes in a beautiful light shade and honestly, it can fit into any situation.

Price: RM183.48

Star: 4.8

Sold: 1.1 k

Link: https://shp.ee/8hmfz2b

7. IPRO Rattan Sofa Set

If you have a bigger lawn, this set might just be the one for you. Give your house a strong and bold vibe with this modern rattan sofa set. Don’t worry, they are very durable and are very suitable to be placed outdoors especially due to their steel base frame.

Price: RM759.90

Star: 4.8

Link: https://shp.ee/iu39gsb

8. DIY Garden Gazebo Decking

Honestly, getting a gazebo might be too expensive to some, and not to mention that it takes a lot of space. If you are short on budget and space, you can choose these platform decks instead. It can be used to place plants or if you are really up for it, you can combine a few sets and turn it into a DIY gazebo. Be creative and explore the different possibilities that you can do with these decks.

Price: RM120.00 – RM235.00

Link: https://shp.ee/9v9wteb

9. Garden Rack Stand Gazebo

Here’s another European-themed piece of furniture that you can place outdoors. This gazebo comes with its own seats and it looks stunning. Imagine planting a few vining plants on it, it will look as if it comes right outside of a fairytale book.

Price: RM1,550.00 – RM2,720.00

Star: 4.8

Link: https://shp.ee/rm9qmab

10. High-Quality Wood Cabinet

If you love gardening, you would be thrilled to get this for your house. It is a tools cabinet built to hold all of your gardening supplies. But at the same time, it also serves as a sweet piece of decoration for your garden. Beaming with the English garden vibe, this cabinet comes in 3 colours; blue, green, brown, and purple-grey.

Price: RM590.00

Star: 5

Link: https://shp.ee/9k9qgnb

Something Nice That Lasts For Years

One thing to remember when buying outdoor furniture, you have to find one that is durable enough to cope with Malaysia’s dynamic weather. You also have to think of the space you have and how much money you are willing to spend on. Who knows, maybe after placing a few pieces of furniture on your lawn, it will become one of your favourite spots in the house.

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