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10 Tips On How To Create A Modern Glam Interior Design

If modern luxury is your jam, then you would definitely love the glamorous home decor style. A glamorous home always consists of velvet tufted furniture, a metallic accent, and sparkly light fixtures. But of course, there’s more. Let’s look at some of the other stuff you can get to make your house reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamour with a touch of modern class.

Achieve Modern Glam Interior With These 10 tips

Keep in mind that you can achieve the modern glam look through the combination of three colors; a metallic (gold or silver), a neutral (black or white), and an accent color (pink, gray, etc.). Let’s go over a few things that you can get to turn your house into a modern glamorous home!

1. Get loads of mirrors

In this case, you can definitely hop onto the bandwagon. Installing mirror wall decor, huge gold-framed mirrors, or even mirrored furniture will add pizazz to your room. Plus, it will immediately give the illusion that the room is bigger!

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2. Metallic furniture and accents

You simply can’t have a modern glamorous interior without metallic features. It’s durable, affordable and it has great style! There are a bunch of different designs out there for you to discover. Meanwhile, it doesn’t even have to be metal. You can get a metallic gold throw pillow, gold paintings, or even a gold bowl to enhance the metallic flavour in the space.

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3. Go for natural colours

Not only will it make your space looks luxurious but also, inviting and cozy. Create your room with an earthy palette of grey, taupe, flax, white, nude and even pink to give it an intimate look! Additionally, having small pops of black helps in highlighting other elements even more.

Photo: @Pinterest
Photo: @Pinterest

4. Tufted furniture

It’s not really a must, but you know it’s going to make all the difference. By having even just one tufted furniture in your room, the whole area is going to pop! But you can always go creative. Keep in mind that velvet and studded sofas are also in trend.

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5. Use plants to neutralize

Now too much glam can get a bit overwhelming, so remember to neutralize your home with some greens. It’s soothing to the eyes and it definitely give your space with a fresh atmosphere. Be it big or small, real or faux, keep in mind that it helps.

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6. Faux fur accent

You know this has to be in the list! It’s so cozy. It’s so welcoming. And right now, it’s on its way to becoming a hot interior design trend. In a room that is neat and tidy, a little bit of  texture will really elevate your space. Put it on a chair or use it as a rug, be as expressive as you want.

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7. Vintage style rug

Adding a little vintage doesn’t make your room any less glamorous. Vintage rugs can be mixed with many different design styles. Look for something with a neutral base that has small pops of color in it. Sometimes, you can get your room colour pallette through it. So just take the accent colors woven throughout your rug and repeat them throughout the rest of your room in the form of art, accessories, pillows, throw blankets, and more.

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8. Marble surfaces

Marble gives rooms new brightness, elegance and giving the illusion of greater spaciousness. But you don’t need to break the bank to have marble textures in your house. Now that we have marble wallpapers and stickers, you can decorate your house with marble wherever you want. Plus! It comes with so many different colours and styles, you will be spoilt for choices.

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9. Infuse animal prints

Let’s be honest, animal prints aren’t just for your wardrobe. Animal motifs like tiger, zebra, and cheetah print rugs or cowhide rugs and pillows are an exotic way to decorate your living room. Be bold and expressive with the help of unique patterns. But remember, don’t overdo it because your hour might end up looking tacky.

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10. Dramatic lighting

For a glamorous house, your center light fixture has to make a statement. Glamorous interior design relies heavily on dramatic lighting. Whether you choose a crystal chandelier or a steampunk bulb chandelier, make sure that it will be the center of attention.

Photo: @deco.hg (Instagram)

Look at some of these interior styling mood boards for inspiration:

Photo: @thekarmacorner
Photo: @TTdesign

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