Thai Couple Transforms A 30 Year Old 3-Storey House Into Their Dream Townhome In 8 Months

The renovation of the 1889HAUS in Thailand took approximately 8 months and 2 Million Baht (RM270,000) to complete. It was designed by the owner himself, from OFFICIAL SPACE Co., Ltd.

Source: Peary is happy (Photos & Owner), OFFICIAL SPACE Co.,Ltd (Architect)

The 1889HAUS Facade Features Dark Grey Colours And Wooden Materials


Front door
Parking space

The facade of the home is made of artificial wood and steel frames. The family chose a dark grey colour to give it a cool and modern look. They also changed the original sliding door to a huge wooden door.

Item: Fitting equipment (Hafele), Stamped concrete from parking lot (super-stampedconcrete)

You will find a small shoe cabinet and a cute seat upon entering the home.

Living Room

The walls and old tiles in the living area were removed and replaced with wood pattern rubber tiles from Rococo. The extra space from the knocked down wall was used as a pantry/kitchen area.

Items: Sofa/Middle Table/ Dining Chair (Neat Furniture), Lamp (Lamptitude), Hood/Sink/Electric Stove (Hefele)


Entrance of 1st floor bathroom
1st floor bathroom
2nd Floor Bathroom
3rd Floor Bathroom
3rd Floor Bathroom

Black tiles, floors and walls are used in the 1st floor bathroom, with taps and basins from American Standard. However, white tiles were used on the 3rd floor bathroom to make it look bright and creative!

The Interior Utilizes Bright White Colours And Lots Of Wooden Materials

Stairs to the 2nd floor
2nd floor hallway


Some bedrooms in the home feature a hidden walk-in closet at the back. The owners utilized lots of bright colours such as white walls and wood, so that it exudes a cozy feel. You can find the cozy bedsheet set from WovenTH.

Home Office

The extra space at the corner of a room was turned into a home office, and the window behind it was transformed into a balcony.

Item: Desk (Neat Furniture)

Front Balcony

The front porch/balcony includes same artificial wood and steel frame at the front of the facade, with the little slits in between planks of wood to allow sunlight to come in.


In the backyard, the floorings are made of artificial wood and a wall was set up to maintain privacy. There is also a storage cabinet hidden in the white walls above the wooden flooring. Can you see it?

The 1889HAUS Renovation Is Inspring

The change from an old 30-year old house into a sleek and modern home within 8 months is incredible. We thank the owners for sharing their journey, and giving us some inspiration for our future homes!

Source: Peary is happy (Photos & Owner), OFFICIAL SPACE Co.,Ltd (Architect)

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