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5 Types Of Ceiling Lights To Illuminate Your Space

Having the perfect light fixture provides the ideal illumination to every corner of your home. There are 3 basic types of lighting for different purposes: ambient, accent, and task. Experts would suggest you combine both three to create the best illumination for one particular space, but it does not hurt to understand what types of ceiling lights are best suited for your taste. 

5 Kinds Of Ceiling Lights To Brighten Up Your Home

Ambient lighting

1. Chandelier

Let’s start with the most sophisticated choice of them all! Not only does a chandelier give off the sense of glamorous, but it is also an elaborate way of lighting up your house. There are many design choices to choose from, including candles, crystal, sputnik, geometric and so on. Before choosing your chandelier, it is important to take into account its size and whether the visual space might be a downgrade for the entire outlook. 

Suitable for: living room and dining room

2. Flush mount lights

A type of lighting that is placed flat against the ceiling. This provides a minimalistic look to the room as it does not take up much space. It can also easily light up a large area therefore there is no need to install multiple of the same fixture. However, flush lights are much more suitable for rooms with low ceilings, because they can make rooms with high ceilings appear empty unless there is additional lighting such as pendant lights. 

Suitable for: bathroom, hallway, living room, and bedroom

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3. Recessed lighting

Photo: Emilee Ramsier

This is considered the most subtle ceiling light on this list. Recessed lighting is mounted inside the ceiling wall, therefore it is ideal for rooms with a low roof. Furthermore, this option is a simple way of adding more illumination and takes up less visual space. If you’re opting for a space that gives off the illusion of being spacious, you may want to consider installing recessed lighting in your home. But, the downside is that in order to place these, you will have to drill holes that are at least 15cm in your ceiling.

Suitable for: living room, small bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.

Task lighting

4. Pendant lights

Photo: Flat 6 Concepts

They look like the smaller versions of chandeliers, but pendant lights can only provide one source of light. They are normally used to light up a space that is meant to carry out a specific task, such as dining, food preparation, or reading. You may also use pendant lights as a decorative light source for an already well-lit room. Do take note that it will be noticeable as soon as you walk into the room due to its low-hanging feature.

Suitable for: kitchen island, dining room, and reading corner

Accent lighting

5. Track light

A modern lighting solution to illuminate a space or highlight a particular spot. Many attached this to their ceilings to shine light upon an art piece or a mantel that acts as the focal point of the room. You can choose between mounting or suspending these track lights for the perfect touch to the entire view. There are also some that are adjustable so you can decide which angle to focus on.

Suitable for: kitchen, bathroom, some space in your living room and above your bed.

Pick The One That Is Best Suited For Your Lighting Needs

There are plenty of ceiling lights for you to choose from, therefore it is vital to pick one that can provide you with the best lighting. Be sure to take note of the entire outlook so you can get one that complements your furniture and does not overshadow the room with its visual space.

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