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8 Handy Tips To Create A Dreamy And Well Organized Pantry In Your Kitchen

Almost every housewife and homeowner in Malaysia right now is obsessed with having their own kitchen pantry. And they should! It’s such a stylish way to store your food and it can be a great space-saving solution for your kitchen too. If you are thinking of creating one in your home but you can’t figure out where to start, don’t worry, we got your back.

8 Tips To Help You Organize Your Pantry

1. Install a lot of shelves

When you are running out of space on the floor, you know the drill. Use the walls instead! There are a lot of ways how you can create your own pantry. You can either use an empty wall and add a lot of floating shelves, or you can even get a cupboard.

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2. Make a list of your grocery staple

To start building your pantry, clear up whatever storage system you have right now and list down all of your food staple. Make sure to update it regularly to keep your pantry well organized. You can begin by assigning items according to categories so that you can quickly find what you need.

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3. Clear, airtight containers

As much as we are tempted to get opaque containers to hide all of the messy ingredients inside, it would be a lot more useful if you use a clear container instead. This will help you to identify your ingredients immediately. Additionally, plastic packaging can make your pantry look cluttered. So ditch the plastic bags and dump all of your dry ingredients into clear containers. Better yet, get the ones that are stackable so that you can have more space.

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4. Use baskets

Having baskets can be a game changer in organizing your kitchen. Loose ingredients such as potatoes, onion, and canned food can be placed snugly in their own specific basket. This helps a lot in making your kitchen look a lot more cohesive.

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5. Add hooks to the walls

Here’s another trick for decluttering your pantry. By installing hooks on the wall, you can hang your cooking utensils such as ladle, spatula, and even your pot lids. You can also hang pots and pans on the wall to save up more space on the shelves.

6. Label everything

Labeling stuff in the house can be a very fun activity. By labeling bins, containers, and shelves, every member of your household will easily find things that they needed. You can opt for a Bluetooth label maker for quick labeling or chalkboard labels so that you can quickly update your inventory.

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7. Create a kid-friendly corner

We know every kid is going to have the munchies. And of course, attentive parents would’ve stashed a few snacks for them. But instead of having your kids raiding the whole cupboard looking for snacks, it would make your job a lot easier if you provide them with a snacking corner at the bottom of the shelf. Use bins with built-in dividers to offer a variety of healthy choices (such as protein bars, fruit gummies, and crackers). Most importantly, make sure that it is visible and reachable.

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8. Use doors to add space

If you have doors on your pantry, you can use them to hang organizers and free up shelf space. Canned goods, spices, bottles, oils, and jars are usually the best for these types of organizers.

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