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Don’t Throw Out The Fridge Yet! Here Are 7 Steps To Properly Restore Your Electrical Appliances After A Flood Disaster

In the past week, Malaysia is facing the worst flood in history. Although the flood itself is quite disastrous, the labor-intensive cleanup session that comes after is just as difficult. It is during this time that victims will be able to calculate their losses and work hard to restore their houses to the original state. But apparently, you shouldn’t count your electrical appliances as part of the losses just yet. There’s a high chance that it can still function properly.

7 Steps To Restore Your Electrical Appliances After Flood

No matter how deep your washing machine or refrigerator has submerged into water, it is still made out of plastic and metal. As long as you dry it up properly, you can still use it. This is why you are not advised to turn it on immediately to “check whether it is still okay or not.” As soon as you let electricity flow in the wet appliances, it will break down. So without further ado, let’s check out 7 steps on how to restore your electrical appliances.

Step 1:
Don’t ever, try to turn on the appliances to “check whether it is still working or not”
Step 2:
Gather up all of your electrical appliances and wash them thoroughly with high water pressure. Make sure to get rid of mud inside out.
Step 3:
Open up the back cover or basically any cover that can be opened until you can see the components inside. Wash thoroughly here too. (Avoid brushing the area, if you need to, use paint brushes to get rid of stubborn muds).
Step 4:
When your appliances are well cleaned, you can dry them under the sun for 2-3 days until you are satisfied or when you think that all of the components are well dry.
Step 5:
If you have a hair dryer, use hot air to properly dry out complex components.
Step 6:
Reinstall the back covers.
Step 7:
Turn on your appliances to check whether it is still functional or not.

Spread The Word!

The most important thing to remember is to be very patient when restoring electrical appliances. Keep in mind that none of your electrical appliances are affected by the flood. Make sure to share this information around so that flood victims are well informed and won’t throw out their electrical appliances or start buying new ones.

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