Here Are 5 Pros And Cons That You Need To Know Before Buying A Landed Property

Having difficulty deciding whether to get a landed house or a high-rise apartment? Everyone knows how important it is to study their needs and budget first before deciding on a house. Of course, most people would love to own a landed house but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. So let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning a landed house.

5 Advantages Of Living In Landed Properties

1. Bigger Living Space

Most conventional landed houses would usually have a reasonable amount of yards around them. Making landed properties the better choice. Especially for people with a bigger family. Additionally, it provides the much-needed space and ground to grow a garden! Something that individuals with green thumbs would definitely appreciate.

2. Private And Peaceful Life

Considering that space is limited in dense city centers, landed properties would usually be located further away from the hubbub, thus making it much more peaceful. Plus, the bigger space between each home reduces the chance of getting disturbed by noisy neighbours. A landed house also promises a much better quality of life with better privacy.

3. Able To Fetch Higher Resale Value In The Long Run

The price of landed properties will most likely gain in value better in the long run. Depending on the location and nearby infrastructure. This is why you can hope for a much greater return on investment on your property. Knowing that buyers are getting more than just a house, the appreciation rate is higher compared to a high-raised property. So it would make more sense to hold on to these properties for more than five years, before selling them off to get better returns.

4. Less Restriction

Your house, your rules. Whether you want to have pets or let your kids play in the yard, you will never face the problem of having to follow specific pre-established house rules. You have the freedom to hold any type of function, play music, dance, or whatever you wish within your home without any prior permission.

5. Able To Add Extension

As we have established earlier, landed properties are perfect for raising a family. Especially because you have the freedom to make as many renovations and modifications as needed (with the necessary permission of course!) to the place without worrying about size constraints. Provided that it fits the house plan and it gets an architect’s approval, you are free to make any type of changes to your property.

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5 Disadvantages Of Living In Landed Properties

1. Higher Price

Keep in mind that when buying a house, you would also buy the land that it comes with. Developers are only able to build limited units of houses on the land. Obviously, this will add to the overall cost of the house to a huge extent. As a result, the total price would most definitely be more than a condo.

2. No Facilities

For those that are used to having a swimming pool and gym in the same building, get ready to be disappointed. Because what you need to understand is that a landed house comes with none of these facilities. So you would have to create one on your own and it might cost even more money than paying your monthly facility fees.

3. Generally Further Away From The City

It is almost impossible to find an affordable landed house in the middle of the city. Most of the time it will come with an expensive price tag. If you are willing to live in a home that is significantly further away, then yes, you might find one that fits your budget. However, don’t forget to consider the cost of your daily commute.

4. Lack of Security

Unless you choose a house built in a planned neighborhood with security guard service, or installing a home alarm, landed properties are usually bigger targets for burglaries. Especially for the older houses that are equipped with lower gates and flimsy wire fences.

5. Higher Maintenance Cost

A bigger space comes with bigger responsibilities. With a landed house, you will have to add repairs, maintenance, and other upkeep bills to your yearly expenses. Plus! If you have a large garden, consider lawn care and mowing fees too.

Which Would You Choose?

For those that have a growing family and are looking for a long-term home, then landed property is the best way to go. It’s also the preferred choice when you value comfort and privacy. BUT, if you are a first-time homebuyer who’s looking for something more affordable and probably wants to enjoy all of the facilities, then high-raised condos are the ones to pick.

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