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Here’s How You Can Create Space Saving Wardrobe For Only RM300

Living in a small house is not easy for avid home decors. But of course, where there is a will, there’s a way. For those that always dreamed of getting huge wardrobes but don’t really have a size suitable for their living space, why not create one yourself?! This time, we are going to share a DIY that will be great for fashionistas or big families.

DIY Space Saving Wardrobe Under Only RM300

You know the drill. If you don’t have enough floor space, take up the walls instead! With more than enough drawers and cloth racks, this huge wardrobe can be used by the whole family. All you really need are 3 items that you can simply get from Shopee. (Given that you already have your own drill or of course.)

1. 3 Tier Bookrack (x5) –

2. Stainless Steel L Bracket (x20) –

3. Adjustable Cloth Rod (x2) –

Photo: @Atam Ayue


1. Order the book racks and build all 5 separately according to instruction once it has arrived.

2. Stack 2 book racks on top of each other to make one column. You will need two columns.

3. Place the columns next to each other with the desired gap.

4. Use the last book rack to cover the top of both columns, making a bridge.

5. To properly secure the bookracks in place, screw 4 x L brackets on each side of the book racks.

6. Additionally, you will also need to screw 4 x L brackets to the underside of the top book racks

7. Lastly, secure the extendable laundry poles in place and you are done!

Photo: @Atam Ayue
Photo: @Atam Ayue

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Open For Improvisation And Creativity

This is just a simple tutorial that anyone can do. But of course, you can improvise it any way you want. Maybe get some cloth drawers to make everything look even more organized or set up a curtain around it to get it out of sight. Maybe have your own walk-in closet eh?

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