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Here’s Why The NEW Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater Is Changing The Way You Shower

“This has X features, that has the latest technology…how to choose?” Well you’re not alone when it comes to choosing the right electrical appliances for your crib. Your old water heater is screaming for a replacement? Finding the right water heater that checks all the boxes can be a quest sometimes. The NEW Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater that is built with not one, but NINE safety features will change the way you shower! 

NEW Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater: Powerful, Sleek & Quiet

What’s handsome, greyish-black-toned, and multifunctional? The answer is the brand new Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater. Designed with simple, high-quality, and iconic asymmetrical designs, it fits effortlessly into every bathroom. Say goodbye to bulky and unaesthetic water heaters.

POV: You’ve had a long day and are in dire need of a good shower to wash off the tiredness. But it’s late at night, everyone’s asleep and your water heater is louder than a pack of hounds each time you turn it on. That’s where the new Panasonic water heater comes in. They’re the FIRST to use a full Japan-made DC pump paired with a highly-durable copper heater. Not only does it provide a low-noise operation, you too can shower in peace with a powerful water flow. 

9 Safety Features To Keep You Safe & Clean

Leave your worries out of the bathroom. The Panasonic U Series is built with 9 safety features that help to prevent electric shocks, fire & burn. The shower panel is water-splash proof to protect the internal components, while the Ag+ Crystal Material prevents the growth of bacteria for a more carefree shower experience. There’s also Auto Thermal Cut-Out feature that cuts off the power supply when the water temperature exceeds 55°C to prevent first-degree burn.

Moving into their boujee features, the new Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater comes with 3 shower modes – Warm Up, Cool Down, Hot & Cool. These modes allow you to adapt to the water or surrounding temperature comfortably. 

Like any other shower head, you get the option to switch your water texture into 3 modes: Normal, Wide, and Spot. All you need to do is move the lever on the shower head up and down, easy.  

Introducing The U-Memory Feature

Water heater that remembers your shower preferences? That’s a first. The U-Memory feature saves your shower temperature, shower mode and water pressure. The best part is, it remembers not only yours, but also your family members. So the next time you step into the shower, just click on your setting and there you go, a blissful shower. 

Our Final Review

Who doesn’t love a water heater that is intelligent and understands your shower preferences? Its sleek design and smart features are the biggest winning points for us. If you’re shopping for a brand new water heater, you definitely have to check out The Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater. Its sleek design and smart features are the biggest winning points for us.

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