Hisense Introduces 7 New Models Of Refrigerators And Freezer With Huge Capacity

Think big, go big!

It is great to own a bigger fridge with a larger capacity. With more people exploring home-cooked meals, it’s only natural that you need a huge and reliable refrigerator in your kitchen. Malaysians looking for a new refrigerator can now pick from Hisense Malaysia’s newest additions. The trusted brand now introduces seven new models of refrigerators and one new model of the freezer for bigger storage requirements.

New, Bigger Models Of Refrigerators From Hisense Malaysia

You may have heard of 2 doors refrigerators, but how about 4 doors? These 4 Door Inverter Fridges might be the ones you need especially for those that enjoy cooking or stocking up food in their fridge. It comes in three sleek models:

  • RQ768N4ABU
  • RM6,599
  • Shopee:

  • RQ568N4AWU
  • RM4,369
  • Shopee:

The three models of Inverter Four Door Refrigerator utilizes Vector Inverter Technology that help saves energy and provides highly efficient and stable internal temperature. Which will also extend the life of the refrigerator in the long run. The refrigerators are also equipped with a Door Alarm that alerts users if they left the door ajar thus saving both energy consumption and food quality.

Plus! Consumers can adjust the temperature of the three separate compartments according to different needs with the Triple Temperature Zone.

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Hisense New Refrigerators Also Comes In Side By Side Inverter Design

These Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerators apply the Vector Inverter Technology as well. They are suitable for consumers who required larger and more organized freezer space. Additionally, they are equipped with a Twin Cooling System that helps to keep the fridge at a perfect level of humidity and maintain different compartments at its own ideal temperature. There are four models to choose from

Hisense Multipurpose 8 In 1 Freezer

The new model of Hisense Freezer FC428D4BWY comes with 8 in 1 Function where you can set the temperature according to your needs. Simply touch the temp button to adjust it to 8 different temperatures. The best part about this freezer is that it will stay at 0℃ for 135 hours after powering off. So you don’t have to worry about your food if there’s a sudden power outage.

Think Big, Go Big

So if you are the type that prefers to stock up everything in just one trip, Hisense’s new refrigerators are created just for you.

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