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Discover The Trending Colour Palette With Jotun’s NEW Global Colour Collection 2023

Jotun has created a new Global Colour Collection for 2023, centered around the overarching theme of “Stories”, expressed through perfectly blended yet different palettes. The brand has launched not one, but three collections that reflect one of the key findings and strong current sociocultural tendencies: the serenity of simplicity, the consolation of nature, and the comforting nostalgia of a beautifully curated lifestyle.

Jotun: Find Out Which Colour Palette Fits Your Personality

The Collection is timeless, chosen for its positivity, honesty, and versatility. Ranging from smooth warming neutrals to natural, calming greens and rich, statement reds. These palettes of expressive and hopeful shades are designed for individuals who are looking for that extra boost of creative expression. Similarly, the colors are all individually unique, yet when combined, they look harmonious.

A Minimalist Living

Regardless of whether you prefer a slower start to the day, a slower end to the day, or both. This colour theme is for those who like to take things leisurely and enjoy life bit by bit. Focused on minimalism and simplicity, this palette has been specially curated for those who enjoy a cleansed,clutter-free lifestyle. The soft, gentle, and meditative colours create a spa-like atmosphere for re-centering and connecting with oneself after a long stressful day.

This minimalistic theme combines soothing colours, gentle pastels, and healing greens to create a calming atmosphere as you enter the space. Include these colours in a naturally lit room or area such as your living room to create an environment that is both relaxing and energizing, or in your home office to create a clutter-free workspace.

The Healing Power of Nature


Featuring warm earth tones, muted greens, soft yellows, and oranges, this palette connects the individual with nature, while also embracing rustic lifestyles and the beauty of imperfection. Nature, while rarely precise, is always beautiful, particularly when one begins to enjoy the immaculate and unblemished environment.

Consider using warm, brown hues in your dining area or pantry, which complement and pay homage to the tones of fresh produce. Additionally, the grounded atmosphere it creates enables us to focus on the present moment instead of our worries, which is what we require when reading. Enjoy being present in your body and connected with Mother Earth? Bring nature’s healing power into your own personal space now!

The Old and The New

A combination of tradition and innovation defined entirely through the creative expression of the individual, with classy reds, artistic neutrals with pops of blue. This colour palette was designed for individuals who are expressive, innovative, but same time has a heart for embracing the old-school.

Even though we’re always seeking out new thrills and experiences, a sentimental memory never fails to bring comfort to us. Through this theme, we can observe how perfectly balanced the use of modern colours with vintage tones is. This timeless palette is ideal for any setting or space. Working individuals who are in the creative industries could use a splash of colour to gain some inspiration and get their creative juices flowing. This palette works best as an accent wall to liven up the room.

Jotun invites all of you to discover and better understand our unique self with the help of colours. It is evident that each colour has a distinctive quality and a tale to tell. Click here for more information.


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