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Here’s How You Can Make Your Old Gate Looks New With Shera Plank Under Only RM450

Who says that you need to break the bank to spruce up your house? If you want a new gate, you can simply upgrade the old one yourself using shera planks. And make it look like it’s brand new! Not only it helps to make your house stands out, but it can also give you a little bit more privacy.

DIY Shera Plank Gate Yourself Under Only RM450

Shera Plank or Fibre Cement Board is getting a lot of attention lately among home improvement enthusiasts. Due to its lightweight but durable quality, this versatile plank can easily replace conventional wooden planks or iron bars. So for those who want to pretty up their old gates, let’s look at how you can do it using the Shera Plank.

Items Needed:


1. Order the planks according to your gate measurements and your preferred size.

2. Paint the planks to your preferred colour.

Photo: @Nazziatul Nahira (Facebook)

3. Mark the places where you are going to attach the plank.

Photo: @Nazziatul Nahira (Facebook)

4. Clip the plank on the gate using a clamp. Make sure to use the spirit level to avoid asymmetrical installation.

5. Screw the plank directly where you want to attach it.

Photo: @Nazziatul Nahira (Facebook)

6. Repeat the process until you are done.

Photo: @Nazziatul Nahira (Facebook)
Photo: @Nazziatul Nahira (Facebook)

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Here Are Some Ideas To Inspire You

Photo: @Hamid Abaa Zahra (Facebook)

Photo: @Hamid Abaa Zahra (Facebook)

Have Fun Designing!

Considering that the installation process is very simple, you can finish the project within one day! On the other hand, make sure that you have all of the tools ready before starting the project. You can also make a few sketches first before starting to drill anything on the gate. Just to make sure that you get the ideal look for your house. Thanks for reading!

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