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We Tried The NEW Coway Dazzie™ And Here’s What We Think

Aesthetic, minimalistic, compact yet practical… Sounds familiar? These are exactly some of the things we as homeowners, prioritise when looking for the right household essentials to spice up our home and living space! If this seems to be right up your alley, then here’s some of our thoughts on the all-new Coway Dazzie™ that you might want to check out!

Here’s What We Think Of The Aesthetic & Minimalistic Coway Dazzie™

No doubt, Coway Dazzie™ is made with simplicity, style and practicality in mind. This petite water purifier brings convenience and easy-access clean water while fitting beautifully on our kitchen countertop without taking up much space. Now, let us walk you through a full review on this bedazzling household essential!

1. Fits Effortlessly Into Your Home With An Innovative Design

Coway Dazzie™

Our favourite thing about Coway Dazzie™ is the slim and minimalistic design that fits effortlessly into small spaces at home! This tankless water purifier is compact, versatile and space-saving, allowing us to have a clutter-free countertop where we can easily make space for what we need.

Choose between two sophisticated shades – Porcelain White and Pebble Gray to compliment the colour palette of your kitchen space!

2. One-Touch Temperature & Volume Controls

Love poached eggs and instant noodles? Then, you need to hear us out! This multi-functional water purifier comes with four preset temperatures to meet all your needs – baby formula (45°C), tea (70°C), coffee (85°C) and even instant noodles or poached eggs (98°C)!

Additionally, the extended faucet paired with four preset volumes simplifies water extraction that are suitable for cups (250ml), bottles (500ml), pots (1,250ml), and continuous flow.

3. Effective Water Purification System

It’s no secret that Coway provides purified water of the highest quality and hygiene standards! So of course, Coway Dazzie™ is equipped with a cutting-edge 2-Step Purification System that features Coway’s patented filtration technology!

First, the Coway Nanotrap™ Filter purifies water while retaining its essential minerals. Then, the Plus Inno-Sense Filter (Post-Carbon + Fine Filters) eliminates odours and further enhances taste to provide fresh and clean purified water every time.

4. Unlimited Supply Of Nanotrap™ Water

Coway Dazzie™ instantly dispenses an unlimited flow of hot and ambient water, and has a dedicated 1-litre tank for instant cold water. This means that there’s a sufficient amount of purified water available all day every day!

Stay hydrated with Coway Nanotrap™ filtered water that effectively eliminates up to 99.999%* of Murine Norovirus from tap water while maintaining minimal discharge water levels!

5. Automated Hygiene & Energy Saving

Worry about hygiene? Fret not, Coway Dazzie™  has got you covered! It has an automatic UV sterilising feature that sterilises faucets for 25 minutes! This happens after every 6 hours of inactivity, which eliminates up to 99.9%* of bacteria including E.coli, S.aureus and P.aeruginosa.

Moreover, this smart water purifier also goes into sleep mode after an hour to easily help with energy saving. Need to head out for a few days? Simply drain and refill the cold water tank in 3 seconds when you return home. Voila, fresh filtered water coming right up!

6. Safety Features Including Child Safety Lock

If you have kids at home, the Child Safety Lock feature can help to keep your young ones safe from accidental hot water burns. All you need to do is set it on by holding the hot water lock for 3 seconds, simple!

Moreover, the smart water purifier also comes with an additional extended hot water faucet for change. It is complementary and acts as a safety precaution to avoid hot water from splashing out during the extraction process.

7. Seamless Maintenance with Complimentary Care

Last but not least, lean back and relax as you can be rest assured that Coway Dazzie™ is backed by the company’s quality care guarantee. Every four months, Coway Service Technician will pay your home a visit for comprehensive cleaning, filter replacements and top-notch maintenance service!

Our Final Thoughts On Coway Dazzie™

Final review: Coway Dazzie™ has a petite and versatile profile that is not only aesthetic, but also has an innovative space-efficient design. We personally feel that the bedazzling household essential is a great addition to modern kitchens and minimalist households! No matter if you’re looking for a home upgrade, or a smart water purifier for your new cosy nest, it’s safe to conclude that Coway Dazzie™ is one of your best options available.

PLUS! Coway is also having a Super Crazy Promo where you’ll get to enjoy rebates of up to 50% off on a maximum of six monthly rental payments, starting from the second billing month onwards. Psst, we’d definitely recommend keeping an eye out for Coway Dazzie™ promotions featuring monthly rentals for as low as RM40! Check out their website here to find out more~

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