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Malaysian Couple Shared Their 3-Bedroom Condo Nordic Style Makeover With RM30K Budget

How Is That Possible?!

“Just because you don’t have the luxury of living in a large space or spending a huge budget, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the design and function.” This might be the best advice coming from Safina & Naqi, this week’s host. We’re going to be looking into how they transformed their 3-bedroom condominium into a cozy Nordic style home with just around RM30K, mind-blowing!

Amazing 3-Bedroom Condo Nordic Style Transformation With RM30K Budget:

Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

When it comes to designing and renovating houses, most people will compromise for less due to a tight budget. But imagine coming back to a house that you don’t love, and doesn’t feel like home, wouldn’t that be worse? If you have any concerns about the budget, Safina & Naqi are here to help out a little.

Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)
Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

The married couple lives in a 3-bedroom condo with a build-up of 850 sqft in Cyberjaya. When they first revealed their budget to us, we were shocked. The Scandinavian layout feels like a million-dollar design! What’s more impressive is that the budget includes furniture and appliances, like how is that possible?

Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

With the budget in mind, the couple did everything themselves. From designing, renovating, and furnishing the house. Minimal renovations were done, like the installation of kitchen cabinets. They spent most of the money on furniture and necessary appliances and allocating the remaining budget on decorations.

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Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

What we love about their house is that they keep the whole space so aesthetic while still being functional. Each space or corner has its own function. For example, out of 3 bedrooms, one was turned into a leisure room/home office. It’s a versatile space as they spent most of their time here praying together, reading books, and working since MCO.

Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

DIY Projects To Keep Budget In Check:

Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

To answer your question on budget, the couple did a lot of DIY works. It helps in cutting down the cost and giving old furniture a new life. Plus, the result is more rewarding.


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Take a look at their rattan headboard for example. They’ve reused their old bed frame and turned it into a contemporary design, with just a few materials. Safina and Naqi poured a lot of effort into creating their best version of dreamhouse.

Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

Head over to their Instagram account where they share all of their renovation tips, section by section. They also reveal where to get their furniture products, and tips on how to achieve a certain style or products. Thank you Safina & Naqi for sharing with us your beautiful home.

Photo: @rumasafinaqi (Instagram)

PS: We loved how she posted a step-by-step guide on how she created a backsplash for her kitchen from Shopee.

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