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This Planter Box House In KL Is A Three-Storey House With Over 40 Types Of Edible Plants

Every once in a blue moon, you might be able to chance upon a house that spectacularly stands out from the rest in the neighbourhood. And when you do, it might just feel like you’ve found a pot of gold. Alright, exaggerations aside, it’s truly a wonder to see a house that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest. Especially, when the house looks like grey walls with greeneries planted against it.

This House In KL Is Built In Inspiration Of A Planter Box

Photo: Ameen Deen

At first look, you may think it’s an odd-looking shaped house, especially placed against the backdrop of a normal two-storey neighbourhood. With plants peeking through at different spots, your best guess is that the house-owners loves plants. That’s indeed true.

Photo: Ameen Deen

According to an interview with Formzero, a locally-based architect studio and brainchild of the project, the Planter Box House was truly built for a retired couple who wanted to grow their own food. Hence, over 40 types of edible plants have been planted in cascading concrete boxes, which makes up the exterior of the house. Besides that, the house-owners are able to control the water level in each planter box due to a small built-in irrigation system.

Photo: Ameen Deen

The Interior Sees A Stark Contrast Of Wooden Furniture Against Cold Metal

Photo: Ameen Deen

With love for greens, wooden elements further deck out the interior of the house. From its personally-picked out furniture to tall and slim wooden doors. The delicate steel staircase, smack right in the middle of the house, forms a stark contrast. However, elements of dark metal and soft wood is easily woven together with natural light shining in from its wide glass windows.

Photo: Ameen Deen
Photo: Ameen Deen

A “Contemporary Tropical House” Redefined For Modern Times

Photo: Ameen Deen

The Planter Box House’s project architect, Lee Cherng Yih, has described the house to be a “redefinition of contemporary tropical house”. With its sharp grey and green contrast against the rest of the red-bricked neighbourhood, it’s really pleasing to the eyes. This house has certainly opened possibilities that self-sustainable living can be achieved, right here in the city centre.

Planter Box House

Design Company: Formzero

Project Architect: Lee Cherng Yih

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