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10 Minimalistic Window Designs For Your Homes

Windows are easily the most essential part of any home renovation. Bringing natural light into your space while giving your house its special character. Little did you know there are many types of windows for your home depending on the style, functionality, and practicality. We’ve gathered the top 10 window designs for your dream home.

10 Popular Window Designs In Malaysia

#1 French Window

Elegant and classic in all its forms – French windows instantly elevate your space into a bright and airy atmosphere by allowing maximum light into your room. Full-length windows with large glass panels, they can be used as both windows or doors. Originating from France, French windows normally link to your patio, garden or balcony.

#2 Bay Window

Next up, a bay window is made up of a group of windows that jut out from the walls – creating a “bay” inside a room. It normally consists of fixed glass windows. Bay windows are perfect for adding a hint of character to any room and luxurious amount of natural light. Large bay windows are also great for creating a gorgeous backdrop for every room it’s placed in.

#3 Top Hung Window

Top hung windows or a.k.a awning windows are windows hinged at the top, so it opens from the bottom. These windows are perfect for Malaysia’s unpredictable weather! Top hung windows are weatherproof (yes, that includes rainy days too!) while still keeping your space well ventilated. They’re also highly versatile and decorative as they can be combined with other window types.

#4 Sliding Window / Door

Functioning similarly to a sliding door, sliding windows work just the same. They slide horizontally without any inward and outward swings like a casement window – perfect space-savers for smaller houses. They are also great for letting maximum light in – illuminating your entire space.

#5 Casement Window

Moving on to the more commonly seen windows – the casement windows. The window frame is hinged on one side so you can swing it inward or outward. Although common in most households, they’re highly functional whilst still giving your house a modern and chic look. It’s the choice window for you if you’re looking for a fuss-free option.

#6 Picture Window

Imagine the view outside your home as an oversize work of art – that’s where the picture window comes into play. This lets in ample natural light but not air. Hence, it’s perfect for spaces that require less ventilation. Being a type of fixed glass panel window, Window Elements uses Optima 29 outer to make it even stronger and safer for use.

#7 Casement Window w/ Fixed Glass

Fixed glasses may be pretty but may sometimes be a tad bit impractical, especially for smaller places that need more ventilation. Why not the perfect 2-in-1 window – a casement window with fixed glass! Have Window Elements fix your home up with the perfect custom window that has both functionality and elegant features.

#8 Louvre Glass-Blade Window

Next up, the louvre glass-blade window is one to appear mostly in schools, offices and retail outlets. However, it’s actually great for areas in your homes that require good ventilation such as the kitchen or bathroom. At Window Elements, you can easily customise your louvre window down to its design, blade selection, colours and even security screening.

#9 Adjustable Louvre Aluminium Window

Planning for an outdoor pool or rooftop tub in your future home? Look no further, the adjustable louvre aluminium window is just what you need. The high ventilation of louvre design paired with highly durable aluminium material – making it perfect for the above locations in your home. You can even choose from powder coating or wood grain finishing at Window Elements for a polished look.

#10 Pivot Window w/ Adjustable Louvre

Last but certainly not least, the hybrid of casement window with adjustable louvre is just what you need for maximum ventilation in your house. Encompassing the sleek modernity of louvre windows, they also possess the high functional versatility you’ve been looking for!

Window Elements Has All Your Window And Door Needs In Malaysia

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All picture credits to Window Elements.

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